Why Are We Introducing Gameplay Mechanics in Phases?

If you’ve been following our latest blogs, you will have probably worked out by now that we have a roadmap for the finished game being completed and rolled out to you. However, those who aren’t necessarily familiar with the concept of game development might have some burning questions; Why is everything in stages? Why not just roll out the full game all at once?

Today, we thought that we would talk a little bit about why we are releasing ETH Fighter in stages, what this is allowing us to do, and how it will ultimately benefit you, as the players, in the long run.

12 month roadmap

Giving Players Learning Time

First things first. We want you to enjoy the game. We want you to be good at the game. So by releasing matches against the CPUs first, players get a chance to learn the game and familiarise themselves with the characters.

Following pre-launch in August, you have a month to practice using your characters. You have a month to experiment with other characters and to find your favourites! You have time to work out the combos, the kinks, and this means that when online multi-play does go live, you’re ready to fight. You feel confident, and you have experience under your belt!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Obviously, we make sure to rigorously test every element of the game before we release it to you. But if there’s one thing players are good at, it’s finding bugs! As with any new game, it might be the odd graphical glitch here, a combo which is spammable there etc. So we will use the first month of pre-launch to listen to your feedback and analyse game data, continually making improvements as we go. This will allow us to release patches and updates to make the game more reliable based on the experiences you’re having. We want ETH Fighter to be a fully fleshed out and realistic experience, so that means we’ll be constantly improving. By releasing the game in stages, we hope you understand that this allows us to monitor and improve with more efficiency.

We hope that gives you a better understanding of our staggered approach to the roadmap! We want to give you the best experience possible, so before online play starts, we’ve had a chance to work out exactly which characters need subtle adjustments to their play styles, which characters could do with a bit of a buff, and so on. It’s all to make sure that by the time online multiplayer rolls around in October/November you can get down to playing with other people across the world and no one finds themselves on a massive losing streak because of a broken character or mechanic!

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